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Эта страничка предназначается для аудио-обменов на CDs, CDRs и кассетах. В основном меня интересуют группы и исполнители прогрессивного рока. Но не только они. Более полное представление о моих предпочтениях вы можете составить, просмотрев списки дисков в моей коллекции.


This page was created so that others can view my audio-collection. Even though this page is dedicated to my prog rock and fusion collection mainly, as you can see from my lists, my musical interests are quite wide. I hope to trade with you but maybe you can tell something about yourself as well, if you want!I usually trade CD/CDRs. If you have anything special I consider a cassette trade as well. Send me your trade lists. Note that all information is provided as is, and is sometimes incorrect. Please inquire when you want to know something.


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Catalog official CD on-line M-Z

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